In-Place Filter Testing Workshop

This course explores topics including:
This program offers hands-on, practical 


solutions to in-place filter testing technology - taught by leaders in the field. As a participant, you will learn to test and certify systems containing HEPA filtration and gas adsoprtion systems for nuclear and non-nuclear applications. 

  • Certification of nuclear and non-nuclear air-cleaning systems
  • US Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulatory impact on pressurized water reactor and boiling water reactor power plants
  • US NRC regulations as they pertain to nuclear air- and gas-cleaning systems
  • Nuclear field testing in relation to ASME nuclear standards N-509 and N-510, Regulatory Guide 1.52, and ASME nuclear code AG-1
  • Airflow measurements
  • Air-filtration and adsorption theory
  • Aerosol technology
  • Various facets of ventilation systems